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Criminal Lawyer Kiev

In connection with the adoption in 2012 of the new Criminal Procedure Code, the lawyer has become a serious participant in the criminal proceedings, but only if proper use granted to him by the criminal procedural rights.

It's no secret that in Ukraine widespread practice of illegal methods of investigation through the use of aggressive psychological pressure during interrogations as well as directly by taking into custody and placing the suspect in custody. Counsel in this case becomes a suspect defense that protects him or her, especially from illegal criminal prosecution and prosecution in court. Less important novelty in the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine in this context has been the position of the court about the justification of conclusions based only on the testimony obtained directly in the hearing, and not on the testimony provided by the investigator or prosecutor (Article. 95 CPC).
оказание помощи в уголовных делах

The purpose of a lawyer in criminal proceedings.

The main task of a good lawyer, like a doctor - do no harm to his client, the lawyer will always keep the client confidentiality and not compromise with the investigation, if it is harmful to his client. The main value in the legal profession - at what stage of the suspect is scheduled to meet with his lawyer - the sooner; the more likely that in the near future he will be released. Many people do not attach much importance, and communicating with the investigator during an interrogation without a lawyer with every word added himself a time limit. The first hours of detention at the pre-trial investigation are the most important and depend on them as a consequence will go further and will eventually draft an indictment against a person. At this stage, the responsibility of a lawyer include: qualified counseling in a criminal case work out a strategy to conduct the interrogation and investigation activities, the decision on the need for examination, search witnesses, checking alibis, collection of evidence, the appeal of illegal actions and decisions of pre-trial investigation.

The main purpose of the defense is to identify the circumstances that justify or mitigate the responsibility of the accused. Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code provide a wide range of protective measures for the criminal defense lawyer during criminal proceedings. First of all, the lawyer must check all possible ways of exempting a person from criminal responsibility:

- In connection with the change of the situation (Art. 48 of the Criminal Code);

- The end of the limitation period (Article. 49 of the Criminal Code);

- To find out whether a person falls under the amnesty act (Article. 86 of the Criminal Code);

- Is there a possibility of an agreement about reconciliation with the victim?

Defender must become a reliable support for the client because the client's trust is the main incentive for the lawyer on the way to the overall success.

It is very important!

If you are faced with the problem of illegal detention or subject to criminal prosecution by the police, you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer Labunskyi Volodymyr, so that would be timely to get qualified free legal advice and, if necessary, legal assistance in Kiev!

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