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Economic Lawyer Kiev 

One of the main activities of the Lawyer Volodymyr Labunskyi is the provision of legal services to legal entities on economic issues. In the course of a long period of work as a lawyer in the company, he had to deal with various situations to defend the company's interests before government fiscal authorities, including the Commercial Court of the city of Kiev.

Small and medium business for financial reasons can not afford a lawyer in the state of the content. In this regard, during the course of business, without a qualified lawyer, may face a dispute with their counterparties. Most often, the economic argument is the result of poor quality of the work on drawing up the contract, but on the reasons to think later, at first it is necessary to prevent or minimize the negative consequences of such a contract. Also, the cause of a commercial dispute is the dishonesty of one of the parties to the contract, which refuses to pay for the goods or services, or do not comply with the terms of the contract.

хозяйственные дела в суде

Features of the economic process.
Before turning to the court, it is necessary to implement a set of measures for pre existing solutions to the conflict. In most cases, this is an effective way to achieve a positive result without resorting to filing a claim. However, many lawyers neglect this opportunity to pre-trial settlement of economic disputes and thus deprive themselves of the evidence base in the future, because the feature of the economic process is the fact that the main evidence base in court is based on written documents. This means that evidence such as witness statements, used in criminal proceedings; in the economic process have no probative value. Also, it should be noted that part of the economic process are exclusively legal entities regardless of ownership and business entities.

Rightly considered that the commercial courts are the most disciplined, because of the need to consider the case in a certain period, which is two months. For such a short time it should be fully considered by the court and it should be pronounced. For this reason, a lawyer for economic affairs needs well-written statement of claim, because in the event of termination of the case re-treatment is not permitted.

Maintaining economic case in court requires a lawyer not only knowledge of law and the foundations of economic Procedure Code, but also need to be a qualified expert in the field of economic, accounting, tax, corporate law. Referring to a lawyer Volodymyr Labunskyi you can be sure that a claim will be made up in competent manner and your interests in the economic court will be protected in full.



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