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Intellectual activity is a creative activity of each individual. Literary texts, poems, music is probably the most popular forms of intellectual activity that are found everywhere. Each product is designed to be protected by copyright, primarily from illegal use, copying, reproduction, that is, from benefiting without permission of the author.

Transfer of rights to the product occurs by closing of a contract for certain conditions. The contract spells out: the way the period, the territory of exploitation of the work, the amount of remuneration to the author, etc. If the person who created the product or article is made on the basis of the employment relationship with the company, then the copyright to this product belongs equally to both entities, unless otherwise provided by the contract between the author and the company.

It is also necessary to note the existence of related rights that are associated with copyright. Related rights are rights derived from copyright, which are implemented in the form of performances, phonograms and broadcasts. Protection of related rights is aimed at the prohibition of copying performance artist, duplicating phonograms, the retransmission of television broadcasts.

In order to protect your work in the future and prevent its illegal use have been introduced characters that are specified on the product. Sign © is means the protection of copyright. Sign ® is means protection of trademark/brand. To refer to the protection of related rights used sign ℗.

Illegal use of copyright and related rights, may result not only civil, but also criminal liability, namely:

- A violation of copyright and related rights (Article. 176 of the Criminal Code);

- Violation of the rights to an invention, industrial design (Art. 177 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

 Also interesting, in its phenomenon, this kind of copyright infringement as "cybersquatting". This is no longer a new kind of copyright piracy, but still actual. Its essence lies in the intentional registration of a domain name similar to the name of the famous brand. Naturally, the brand has an advantage with respect to the domain name, and the truth will be in court on the side of the trademark owner, but some well-known companies prefer to buy the domain from "cybersquatters", without recourse to the courts.Section is under construction


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