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Judicial practice in civil cases is intended to make decisions in cases of contested or violated right through the production, under the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, and these decisions are binding. It should be noted that the judicial authorities are guided solely by the rule of law, and the law specifies for the relevant jurisprudence of the border. Judicial practice is different in that it can not act on its own initiative, but only in the presence of treatment acceptability is to be considered in the general court established by law. In the legal lexicon it is expressed in such a principle: "Where there is no complainant, there is no judge." Even when treatment is considered to be justified, or concerning the applicant's really committed unjust actions, the court may decide in favor of the applicant only if it meets all the prerequisites for an appeal trial. Such connective procedural law based on the principle of legal security.

Помощь по гражданским делам КиевWhich courts consider civil cases?

Civil cases are considered, in the so-called general courts. On territorial jurisdiction, they are divided on regional, city district, city and city district. Such courts consider not only civil cases - their competence also includes criminal cases and cases about administrative offenses. The general courts crouches huge number of lawsuits, so they are considered to be the busiest. Most of the cases dealt with in the ordinary courts, are civil cases, and although under the Code of Civil Procedure time for consideration of a civil case should not exceed 2 months, the consideration of this case could drag on for years. For civil cases should be referred directly themselves civil, and in addition: family, housing, land, labor, banking, insurance, intellectual, inheritance cases.

Who can be a representative of the general court?

In civil cases, the representative may not necessarily be a lawyer, such as in a criminal trial, it can be any person who has attained 18 years of age and has the authority to represent the interests of the parties of the case in court. Also, a person alone can defend their interests in court, without the help of a lawyer or attorney. However, a person with no legal knowledge and experience of litigation will be difficult to resist a single opponent, and the judiciary as a whole car. In such cases it is necessary to contact a lawyer with experience in conducting civil cases, because many factors in this area affect the positive outcome of the case.

Meaning counsel in civil proceedings?

Failure to provide the necessary evidence before the trial could lead to further rejection of the court and, accordingly, to the loss. Of great importance is qualitatively drawn up a statement of claim, it should not exceed a reasonable size, no need to copy it all the articles of the civil code, because the judges simply do not have time to reread suits with lots of irrelevant information. Incorrectly composed claim can lead to at least return it to the plaintiff, or as a denial of satisfaction. We can say that well-written statement of claim is 80% of success in court. It should be noted that the basis of the case are only legal facts, which can be the basis for the claim. 

Civil lawyer Labunskyi Volodymyr has experience in doing business of different complexity, and used to defend the interests of their clients, especially in the first instance, that would save their funds and not to prolong the period of litigation over a long period.


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