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Corporate Lawyer Kiev

Corporate law, in connection with the appearance of market relations, has reached a new level of development. First of all, it is a professional level of corporate governance, the subjects of which is considered to be authorities of taking part in it. In turn, the company also participates in corporate relations, because it owns all endowed with its property. Such popularity of corporate governance is associated with an increase in the number of registrations of enterprises of different organizational forms across the territory of Ukraine, and directly in Kiev.

Starting corporate relations arises from the registration of companies. Register LLC, JSC, takes about 10 days, but in the process, is important the correct drafting of the Constitution of the new organization, because the statute is a local act that determines the future strategy of the entire company. Illiterate drafting the statute can lead to inability to conduct certain activities, such as foreign trade; in addition, if you register a legal entity at the accommodation unit, you can not be accredited by the customs. All these and other nuances you need to know when you open a company that would be in the future does not have to make any changes to the charter in the most unfitting moment.

предоставление услуг по корпоративным делам

Abuse of authority by the representative of the legal entity.

During the existence of all the subjects of civil legal act within their powers, with only one difference that entity by its very nature, carries authority only through their representatives, while the individual is able to exercise their own. Disregard for the principle of adequate representation in the transaction may result in the recognition of such a transaction to be invalid, that is, a person who has committed to exceeding their authority, which carries a negative impact on one or both sides.

In order to avoid cases of the transaction without proper authorization representative of a legal entity, it is necessary before the conclusion of the transaction, check for restrictions powers of the representative in the Unified State Register of legal entities and individuals, as necessary to require notarized copies of constituent documents, or a power of attorney on the basis of which the representative acts. With regard to the individual, then the transaction in certain cases it is better to make a notarial form, even if such obligation is not required by law.

The content is of corporate affairs.

Corporate affairs are not limited to the company's accounts and make changes to its charter documents. Corporate governance is a complex process in support of functioning of the administration of the company as a whole. The list of corporate affairs includes:

- Disputes relating to the conduct of general meetings of shareholders, members of the company;

- Disputes regarding the exclusion of its share of a party, a shareholder of its shares;

- Disputes on non-shareholders' agreement between the shareholders;

- Disputes over the non-recognition of decisions of the governing bodies of the company;

- Disputes relating to the re-election or excluding members of the executive;

- Disputes relating to the exclusion from the limited liability company and the release of his share;

- Recognition of the agreement concluded with the head of the ultra vires invalid;

- Disputes relating to the activities of branches and departments;

- The reorganization (merger, division, transformation), liquidation of the company.

Lawyer Volodymyr Labunskyi has extensive experience in carrying out registration of the company, accompanied by transactions for the disposal of shares in a limited liability company, of shares, general meetings of members, the decision of corporate conflicts.


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