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Financial Lawyer Kiev

The financial sector is a dynamic, fast growing, giving in to external geopolitical influence sphere. Problems in the financial sector make a negative impact not only on citizens and corporate financial institutions and macroeconomics of the country as a whole, so the topic is very relevant and demands urgent attention.

Under the financial affairs meant primarily banking, insurance disputes, moreover, the issues in the tourism sector, as well as resulting in the establishment of investment projects, asset management, business financing. Conflicting arguments of the opposing sides, the development of e-business, the creation of virtual financial companies, these and other circumstances must be considered when choosing an experienced consultant in the financial sector.

The disputes in the banking sector

Banking in an unstable economy is the most vulnerable to negative influences. Fluctuations in the dollar is likely to disrupt the balance between the borrowers and depositors of banks, that is a consequence of the termination of the repayment of foreign currency loans alone, and therefore, non-payment of deposits to others. Thus, before you enter into a contract of bank deposit bank should be analyzed in terms of its financial condition, the presence in the composition of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, check the reputation based on customer feedback. If the financial institution is declared bankrupt, the investor is subject to the guaranteed compensation amount, which is defined by the Law of Ukraine "On the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals." However, non-refundable amount of the deposit, confirmation of savings (deposit) certificates for bearer deposits in precious metals, as well it should be noted that the law does not apply to deposits of legal entities.

Borrowers in foreign currency face the need to repay earlier loans, restructuring of existing debt. Against this background, a large number of factoring companies that acquire a significant portfolio of banks of problem loans at a significant discount, and subsequently carried out an aggressive policy against the borrower and the guarantor. For the borrower, in this case, it is necessary to negotiate with the bank, which would be to restructure the debt or write off part of the debt in the event of full repayment of the loan.

The disputes in the insurance sector

One of the most popular in the insurance sector disputes are disputes in connection with non-payment of compensation by the insurance company on the insurance case. Also very common are disputes over compensation by way of recourse. To avoid negative consequences in the future at an early stage is necessary to conduct a financial analysis of the insurance company and careful consideration of the insurance contract. Before going to court, it is important to have a complete set of documents, as well as to attract an experienced lawyer who will collect the indemnity.


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