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Real estate Lawyer Kiev

Each month in Kiev put up for sale tens of thousands of properties: apartments, private houses and land. Of this amount, respectively, offers thousands of transactions carried out on the transfer of property rights, namely the purchase and sale, gift, exchange, testament. It's no secret that the purchase of apartments has certain feelings and fears. Risks can occur at different stages, from the purchase of an apartment with illegitimacy redevelopment, which can later be a problem with the bodies of technical inventory and the purchase of an apartment, which is in the will or transferred to the life annuity, which may lead to its withdrawal from the buyer. To carry out transactions in the legal field, as well as to guarantee the security of property acquired necessarily need a lawyer or a lawyer specializing in real estate.

Maintenance of real estate transactions

Before you decide to purchase a suitable residential property you need to check documents. It is important to note that if the apartment is sold several times for the current year, then it is a problem and it is necessary to abandon the acquisition. Earlier, in order to sell the apartment required to obtain sheet of BTI, which had to wait for months now the need has disappeared, because since the beginning of 2013 began to operate a single State. Register of property rights for real estate, notary and register yourself makes the purchase of apartments. However, to establish a register does not contain the previous data on real estate, because the data is not transferred from BTI to it automatically, and that would make sure that the apartment previously resold legally, and alterations and other irregularities on it was not, you can be safe and order sheet of BTI. But that's not all; the notary at the time of the transaction makes an apartment in the Register, and checks for the presence of her arrest, the prohibition on alienation, tax liens, and mortgages. It is understood that if a new register, then it may not have all the information on the desired property, moreover, it is not indicated on the check will. Therefore, in order to purchase a significant passed without further trials should be carefully checked all the details before the transaction.

Division of property

After the dissolution of the marriage, in most cases it is necessary to partition acquired during the cohabitation of real estate. And there does not matter, the purchase of apartments was made during an official marriage or during the "civil". Sometimes that would prove that the property was acquired is not in a registered marriage, and during the joint farming, resort to the testimony of witnesses, first of all neighbors and relatives. It is also evidence of joint farming may be the presence of joint children, and it is taking part in their education: maternity leave arrangement in kindergarten, school, and drive to the children's section, etc. As a rule, the court finding that the property was acquired during the stay, make a decision about partition apartments in equal shares. If the funds for which it is acquired, owned by one of the spouses, for example from the sale of donated or inherited an apartment, then the court is already possible to prove the ownership of the purchased apartment. In addition, the division of property must take into account ability of one spouse, the children, as well as other factors.

If you decide to buy property or to divide the property, then you should contact a lawyer Labunskyi Volodymyr, which will provide a free consultation and analysis of the documents in Kiev, said real estate.


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